Chimney Repairs

We advise you to get your chimney swept at least once or twice a year, all depending on what you  are burning.

We can carry out a meticulous inspection of your chimney including smoke testing and CCTV surveys for insurance purposes and peace of mind to ensure your fuel burning efficiency is maximized.

It is imperative all chimney pots are imbedded in at least three courses of bricks. All lead flashings, saddles and aprons should be a minimum of code four lead, your lead soakers should be at least code three lead.

All your lead dressings should be coated with a bituminous solution to stop corrosion from contact with cement.

Ireland is renowned for a continuity of driving rain and winds which in turn disturbs exposed chimneys.

In some cases this erodes the exterior, which we can re-point and render, however in severe cases this can also disturb the inner bricks, causing leakage and water penetrating into the rooms below, here we can re-build chimneys with a lead damp course-tray, this complete process with your chimney pots, cowls, bird guards and new chimney liner carries a 20 year guarantee.

Contact_Us_ButtonApart from chimney repairs, replacing chimney pots, cowls, chimney sweeping, chimney building and all aspects of chimney maintenance and chimney refurbishment in Galway-Sligo-Roscommon-Mayo and the west of Ireland, we action all new flue lining replacements, re-lining chimneys, Stainless steel chimney lining systems, thermal lining systems, Flexi flue lining, to ensure you have no carbon monoxide .

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